Influencer Marketing

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Firstly, I will never promote a company whose beliefs do not align with my own or a brand that will not benefit my followers. I specialize in working with holistic brands in many different capacities and promoting their products in an organic and natural way. If you are looking to promote your brand or product to appeal to a holistic health-minded audience that prioritizes health and wellness, and there is good synergy between our brands, then we should chat!

If you'd like to send me a reduced toxicity item it must be sure to have:

no parabens,

no phthalates,

no triclosan,

no phenoxyethanol,

no petroleum-derived ingredients

no formaldehyde

no GMOs

If it's a food or cooking product, it must contain:

no additives

no thickeners

no preservatives

no fake colorings

no vegetable or hydrogenated oils

no GMO ingredients

When it comes to food, ingredients must be spray-free/organic, gluten-free and preferably grain-free.


I do not compromise on the above so please, rather than waste product and time, best keep it if it doesn't meet these guidelines.